Patient Testimonials


Dr. Moore with Lee N.


“Before I started seeing Dr. Moore, I experienced all sorts of joint stiffness &/or pain. Everything in my life for me became acute about ten years ago; it made me immobile."


"I had to stall on housework or daily activities due to the pain. I began to stress how this could affect my life long term; about losing my independence.

I had sought help from countless doctors, including a Regular Physician, a Neurologist, a Cardiac Specialist, & a different Chiropractor. They either provided me with no relief, prescription drugs I was allergic to, or no answers.

When I started to see Dr. Moore, he wanted to focus on three spots of my spine. He took me & my Fibromyalgia seriously, something I had not experienced from any other doctor.

Now, I can do housework, attend all after-work functions, & I am all-around more active! He unexpectedly helped me improve my joint movement, inner vibration, & digestion.

I would 100% recommend Dr. Moore & his services. He gets to the root of the problem of what’s wrong while being in a friendly & relaxed environment.”

Dr. Moore with Michelle B


“I have been living with chronic pain for over 10 years. When I came to see Dr. Moore, he was my last hope at trying to relieve even a smidgen of my pain."


"I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when the onset of my pain increased. From that moment on, I had been given medication after medication (sometimes 8 pills at once!). The side effects outweighed the help they gave me.

My pain was so great that I struggled every day to do even the simplest things like laundry, walking my dogs, cooking, cleaning, & even writing. My family was suffering because they had to pick up the slack where I was lacking. I couldn’t be the mother that my daughter needed me to be. I could not run with her, push her on a swing, take walks with her, or even teach her how to cook!

Before seeing Dr. Moore, I started looking for more natural ways to ease my pain. Creams, tens unit, massages, spas, you name it – I tried it! Nothing worked long-term.

After seeing Dr. Moore, we found the root cause of many of my ailments.

Since taking my supplements & Dr. Moore working on my spine, I have found that there was more than I realized that needed fixing. My IBS, libido, migraines, sinus issues, arthritis, shooting pain in my arms & legs, weight – these all have improved immensely!

My family life has improved, as well as my social life. My future looks promising again. I am currently going back to school to continue my studies. One unexpected benefit would be that my husband will start seeing Dr. Moore as he’s astonished at my results!

I highly recommend Dr. Moore & I feel very blessed to have met him – he has given me my life back!”