Patient Testimonials


Dr. Moore with Debbie


Debbie was experiencing painful & swollen knees with limited mobility. She has had “weak” knees for 30 years, but in the last ten years, both knees became much worse.


Debbie noticed she was walking with a limp, favoring her left knee. The excruciating pain would keep her up all night from her knee aches. Babysitting or carrying her grandbabies had become difficult.

Debbie “managed” her symptoms by changing her life entirely. She stopped walking or biking as much, started wearing knee braces everywhere & continued to take Ibuprofen or Aleve daily for eight years. In 2013 Debbie went to an orthopedic doctor. After taking X-rays, the provider diagnosed her (left) knee with a degenerative joint and arthritis. Debbie had a steroid injection in the (right) knee while she was there. It helped her until she retired early from Public Health Nursing due to the pain in 2014.

After completing the knee program, Debbie says, “My sleep & attitude improved from no more knee aches at night. I am more hopeful for a healthy, active future. I can now help Allen (my husband) with different farm activities that I’d been unable to do before. I can ride my exercise bike for 30 minutes with little discomfort. I can walk without a limp & levels of stairs normally again. I thought I had no choice but to succumb to knee surgery, so this has been wonderful!”

We asked Debbie if there were any unexpected improvements she noticed, “Oh, so many things! I lost 10 pounds by eating healthier foods which helped reduce inflammation, causing me to take less Ibuprofen.”

​​​​​​​We asked Debbie what she would say about Health Solutions Chiropractic & Neuropathy & this is what she had to rave about, “Give Dr. Moore’s $49 assessment a try! You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Dr. Moore will develop a care plan specific to your individual needs & will give you “tools” for you to use at home to improve your condition. All staff members truly care so much about your health and wellness & are so very pleasant and professional. It has been wonderful to finally find a way to help heal my knee issues without expensive, risky, radical knee surgery!”

Dr. Moore with Linda E.


“Before coming to Dr. Moore I was only sleeping 3 hours a night due to my knee pain and would have to sleep in a recliner. “I am excited to say I have slept in my bed every night since my first visit.”


"Linda has been dealing with arthritis for the past 30 years and recently started having a lot of knee pain. For the past two years, her knee pain was a 7/10. She was not able to stand or walk for any distance & stairs were very difficult. Linda noticed that her life & daily activities were being affected by her knees. Linda stated, “I had trouble walking very far and I couldn't ride in a car for long without getting out to walk because of the leg cramps.”

Linda decided it was time to see her family doctor, who x-rayed her knees and felt she needed a cortisone shot, which Linda stated, “didn’t help.” She was then prescribed pain medication to deal with her daily knee pain.

After working with Dr. Moore and his staff Linda started noticing improvements; walking farther distances, and she is able to be on her feet longer each day. “I went to a craft show with a friend and she asked me if I needed to stop and take some type of pain reliever,” Linda stated at one of her last appointments. Other improvements Linda has noticed were; sleeping a full night in her bed instead of a recliner & ankles not being 10-year-old swollen as before. “I went shopping with my 10-year-old granddaughter and she thought grandma was walking farther and better than I had been.”

​​​​​​​Linda says, “Health Solutions Chiropractic & Neuropathy has helped me with my pain, they are very friendly, compassionate, and very accommodating.”

Dr. Moore with Jesse N.



“Before seeing Dr. Moore, I was experiencing severe, debilitating pain in both knees with numbness, & swelling. I had been living this way for about 2 years. It stopped everything in my life. I couldn’t work, go shopping, clean my house, or even exercise without being in a lot of pain."


"I was limping everywhere I went & had trouble walking. I wanted to make positive progress. I tried cortisone shots twice, had to have excess fluid drained from my affected knee, & had knee surgery, but the pain was still there.”

​​​​​​​When Jesse came to our clinic, x-rays revealed advanced severe arthritis (bone-on-bone) in both knees. Now, after 2 months of treatment in our clinic, Jesse says, “The pain is 90% better. I would recommend Dr. Moore because it helped me.”

Dr. Moore with Jessica A.


“Hi, my name is Jessica Alexander. Before starting my journey with chiropractic care, I was ABNORMALLY painful & swollen for around 3 months and I was unable to sit or climb stairs without difficulty. It became so painful that I was unable to sit on the ground to play with my son."


"I had talked to a specialist who referred me to have surgery (double knee replacement) & prescribed me anti-inflammatories, which caused INTENSE side effects. I wanted to see if there were any other options out there for me before making such a drastic decision. Since seeing Dr. Moore, I can sit down & interact with my 1-year-old son without worry or fear. I can also climb stairs easily, get a good night’s rest & am now employed at 2 jobs instead of staying at home! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Moore at Health Solutions. They are extremely friendly & make sure you feel comfortable & welcome. This treatment CHANGED my life, it can be a miracle for yours! Thank you again to Dr. Moore & his wonderful staff!”