Patient Testimonials

Dr. Moore with patient


I reached out to Dr. Moore after being diagnosed with neuromas in both feet. These neuromas caused constant pain 24/7. (At least that's what I thought-much of the pain was from other issues Dr Moore discovered). I have been experiencing pain in my feet since February 2021. Severe chronic pain started in Jan/Feb of 2022.


I reached out to Dr. Moore after being diagnosed with neuromas in both feet. These neuromas caused constant pain 24/7. (At least that's what I thought-much of the pain was from other issues Dr Moore discovered).

I have been experiencing pain in my feet since February 2021. Severe chronic pain started in Jan/Feb of 2022. I visited with both my primary physician and my podiatrist several times about the pain in my feet. I was given 2 sets of cortisone shots which left me with a loss of both pigment and fatty tissue and no relief.

I had always been a very active person- getting in 15,000-20,000 steps daily. Long walks with my neighbor or my husband was part of my daily routine. Zumba was my love, something I looked forward to 3x a week. Pickleball was a new sport I was wanting to do more of. I couldn't do any of the above. This along with no HOPE was leading to definite sadness… not being able to take walks with my husband, play with our grandchildren, travel and just enjoy retirement! My biggest concerns were being wheelchair bound and depression.

My first visit with Dr Moore was in October 2023.

There I learned I also have neuropathy, heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis. It was unbelievable how quickly some of my pain was alleviated!! All the pain except the neuromas seemed to go away almost over night! I can now sleep through the night without waking up due to pain. I can go for short walks! I can do physical activity throughout the house with fewer breaks.

Yes! The greatest gift of all is that now I have HOPE. Before, I felt defeated, very hopeless. I was becoming a shell of myself. With hope, everything is better! I am only 2 months into a 6 month program and I am so much better!

I would and have already recommended Health Solutions. Dr. Moore is honest,caring and extremely kind- as are everyone who works alongside him. I feel Dr. Moore is extremely knowledgeable and informative. He is patient and spends as much time as you need for questions and concerns. They are available to you at anytime! I can't say enough!

Dr. Moore with patient


Before seeing Dr. Moore, Charlene says, “from my knees down to my feet I had tingling and shooting pain that was horrible.” The pain made it hard for her to get things done at home. “I had to rely on family for a lot of things, even driving.”


Before seeing Dr. Moore, Charlene says, “from my knees down to my feet I had tingling and shooting pain that was horrible.” The pain made it hard for her to get things done at home. “I had to rely on family for a lot of things, even driving.”

Her numbness in her feet was so bad that she almost had an accident because she could not feel the difference between the brake and the accelerator pedals. At that point, she decided to stop driving. She had been dealing with her symptoms for a couple years but she noticed they were getting worse over time.

“I had seen a couple doctors and they said my neuropathy would get worse and more painful, and they gave me Gabapentin which did nothing for me.”

“It affected my work, because I could not stand for long.” Charlene’s biggest fear for the future was, “Being put in a wheelchair and having my feet amputated.”

When Charlene first came in to see us, our tests showed 77% nerve damage in her feet. After completing our treatment program, our tests show only 23%. That is a reversal of her neuropathy and 70% healing of the nerves in only 6 months!

“I am now driving again, the numbness seems to be gone, so I can now feel the pedals.” The sharp pains are gone, and her balance has improved.

​​​​​​​She says, “Dr. Moore cares about getting you better and his staff is amazing."

Dr. Moore with patient Avis


Before seeing Dr. Moore, Rosco was having constant 10/10 level foot pain and swelling for two years. “It felt like a blow torch on my foot, like my ankle was going to fall right off.” He had seen 6 doctors including a neurologist, who had prescribed Gabapentin and Hydrocodone, which Rosco said “barely took the edge off” of the pain. “They couldn’t find what was wrong with my leg.”


Before seeing Dr. Moore, Rosco was having constant 10/10 level foot pain and swelling for two years. “It felt like a blow torch on my foot, like my ankle was going to fall right off.” He had seen 6 doctors including a neurologist, who had prescribed Gabapentin and Hydrocodone, which Rosco said “barely took the edge off” of the pain. “They couldn’t find what was wrong with my leg.”

He had trouble walking, sleeping, standing, and doing daily activities such as showering and household chores. His balance was very poor and he had frequent falls. His biggest fear was that he might lose his leg.

“I then came to Dr. Moore and he did a great job of getting me on my feet.”

When Rosco began care with us, he could not work on anything he needed to, and he was unable to put weight on his leg, or even put a shoe on because of the foot pain. On our initial exam, our tests showed 82% nerve damage in his right foot.

Rosco followed our instructions to the “T”, and now he says, “The pain is GONE. I don’t have ANY.” Our tests now show 0% nerve damage! That’s a 100% reversal of his nerve damage! One unexpected benefit was that he is able to get more rest and has more energy throughout the day.

“I would recommend people to follow the treatment program and faithfully follow it well. You will see the difference and improvement of your pain, the swelling will go down, and you will get more rest. Follow the program faithfully and changes will come!”

Dr. Moore with patient Avis

Ardean S.

From 10/10 severe pain in both feet to “NO PAIN” in 4 months!
Before seeing Dr. Moore, Mr. Skogen was experiencing severe pain in both feet, numbness in his toes, pins and needles, and cold feet. He had been dealing with these symptoms for 1-2 years.


​​​​​​​The hardest thing was that the pain kept him awake at night.

Ardean had seen two Doctors and one had told him he was diabetic and another said he was not. He was left with more questions than answers.

He has been a hard worker his entire life. He is in his 70s but still loves to be active. Ardean is a scraper driver, farmer, and gardener. So he could not work if he was in this amount of pain.

“My biggest fear for the future was losing my feet or not being able to continue doing everything.”

On his first exam, our tests showed 90% nerve damage in his feet. After seeing Dr. Moore and following our treatment plan, our tests show only 24% nerve damage. That’s a 73% reversal in the healing of the nerves.

One unexpected benefit, after many years of ankle pain from a repeated sprain, he says, “Doc put it in place.” Now he has no pain at all.
“Moore Health Solutions has really helped me. It’s worth every penny to get your life back.”

Dr. Moore with patient Avis

Jennifer U.

90% Improvement!
Before seeing Dr. Moore, Mrs. Urias was having pain in her legs, sleepless nights, tingling and numbness in her feet, and sharp pains. She had been suffering with these symptoms for over 2 years.

Jennifer had been seen by several doctors who did not offer her any treatment, but had referred her to a neurologist to see if it was a brain issue.

“I wasn’t sleeping well so my energy was very bad. The pain in my legs would control what activities I could even do with my children.” “My biggest fear for the future was that the pain would get worse or I would lose all feeling in my legs and feet.”

On her first exam, our tests showed 50% nerve damage in her feet. After seeing Dr. Moore and following our treatment plan, our tests now show only 4% damage. That’s a 90% reversal in healing of the nerves.

“I can spend more time playing with my kids and taking care of my home. I feel so much better and have confidence to go out and do things has been life changing. My thoughts about the future have shifted from desperation and pain to hope of getting healthier and enjoying life with my kids.”

​​​​​​​“Everyone at Moore Health Solutions is friendly and always willing to help with your needs. They are compassionate about the work they do. They are helping people that have been told there is nothing that can even be done. They have given me my life back!”

Dr. Moore with patient Avis

Daniel H.

50% Improvement In Only 3 Months!
Before seeing Dr. Moore, Mr. Herring was living with stabbing pains, numbness of feet, poor balance and sleeping issues. He had suffered with these symptoms for over 4 years.

Before seeing Dr. Moore, Mr. Herring was living with stabbing pains, numbness of feet, poor balance and sleeping issues. He had suffered with these symptoms for over 4 years.

“Walking upstairs/downstairs was difficult because of balancing issues.” Driving was a challenge because he couldn’t feel the pedals. “I was essentially driving with my legs, not the bottoms of my feet.”

Our tests showed 67% nerve damage in his feet.

After only 3 months on our program, our tests show 50% healing of the nerves. He says, “My driving is now once again being directed by the soles of my feet and my balance going up and down stairs has improved dramatically.”

​​​​​​​“I would say to any and all that Dr. Moore and his staff have worked a wonder on my feet. I totally recommend his treatment of neuropathy. Dr. Moore and his staff are totally professional in how they have treated me. Gentle and kind would be how I would most describe my experience .”

Dr. Moore with patient Avis


90% Improvement!
Before seeing Dr. Moore, Ms. Falcon was living with tingling in her feet, causing it to be very painful to walk around. “It felt like I had pins and needles in my feet and charlie horses in my left calf and the ball of my foot.”


She spent most of her time staying seated because of the pain and dealt with these symptoms for four to five months before seeing Dr. Moore.

A previous doctor prescribed Gabapentin, but she did not want to take medication to solve the issues. She wanted other solutions.

“Then I got a flyer in the mail about Dr. Moore.”

Our tests showed 36% nerve damage in her feet, her oxygen level was noted as extremely low, and she could not pass our balance tests.

Ms. Falcon’s biggest fear, if this condition were to continue, was that she would end up wheelchair-bound. Ms. Falcon followed our instructions to the letter and got absolutely great results! At the end of our treatment program, our tests showed only 2% damage, and she passed her balance tests!

Now, she has better balance, can be on her feet for extended periods, and can enjoy dancing again! For years, Ms. Falcon had a bunion on her left foot that caused her pain. Now, there’s no pain at all!

We asked Ms. Falcon, “If you were to recommend Health Solutions Chiropractic & Neuropathy to your friends or family, what would you tell them?” Avis then replied, “At least just give it a try.”

Dr. Moore with patient Donny M.


80% reversal of his neuropathy!
Donny stated, “It was 5 years that I experienced numbness in my feet & toes. I also had tenderness in my feet. My regular medical practitioner never really addressed the symptoms of my feet or my neuropathy...


...When we discussed them, I was not prescribed any medications, but I did have to start taking some OTC medications to tolerate one toe! This is why I came to see Dr. Moore because he was going to concentrate on my feet.”

Before starting the neuropathy program, Donny mentioned, “I didn’t walk as much, my shoes bothered me, and I didn’t realize it until I arrived here, but my balance was also disappearing. When I did daily activities, I couldn’t do them as often as I used to, since I was taking more rest due to my feet starting to hurt. My biggest concern for the future became: ‘I didn’t want to go into a nursing home until I really had to and would probably refuse it when it was time'!”

On his first visit, our tests showed he had 30% nerve damage. Now, after completing our treatment program, he has improved to only 6%! Donny says, “I can walk further without pain, and wear almost any shoes that I have again. I can do daily activities longer. I feel like I am more positive; just overall feel better.”

“Just touching my toes is fun because they used to be so tender but now, they’re not. I stopped washing between them when I was taking a shower but now, I stick my fingers in there & it doesn’t hurt!”

“I would say it was definitely worth the effort, for the time you put in to do it because you are turning your neuropathy around and making it better rather than just taking medications to numb the pain or cover up the neuropathy. The staff & Dr. Moore are very helpful and friendly. I’m glad you were able to help me & I am the winner here!”

Dr. Moore with patient Maria N.


Maria originally came to us for help with her knees. However, about halfway through, she mentioned how much pain her feet were in. Dr. Moore sat down with her & learned she had been suffering from foot pain for 35 years. “I had so much pain in my knees & feet that by the end of my day I felt like I needed someone to carry me to my car!”


While talking with Dr. Moore, she mentioned the balls of her feet were painful, her arches were tender, and under her big toes they “get hard” (especially the left). She suffered from flat feet, had muscle camps in her legs “everywhere” & a history of bunion surgery. She saw a few other doctors that recommended exercises, pills, & cortisone shots that did not help or take away the pain. A doctor mentioned trying orthotics, which provided some relief for a while, but they did not stop the pain. Shortly after, they no longer provided relief & she went back to experiencing pain. Maria stated, “I was about ready to quit my job, but I do not want to stay at home. I want to keep working.”

Now, after completing the foot & knee program, Maria says, “I have no problems & no pain at all by the end of the day. It’s a great feeling not to have the pain. Also, I can now do things around the house & keep up with my grandbabies!”

We asked Maria if there were any unexpected improvements she noticed, “Oh yes, but for me, not having pain is the greatest improvement.”

Dr. Moore with patient Donna R.


“Before coming to see Dr. Moore, I lived with neuropathy for numerous years. I experienced total numbness in the balls of both of my feet & near paralysis of my toes. My feet felt like they were numb all the time & ice cold. My daily hobbies started becoming more difficult, such as gardening, canning or daily chores.”


A previous doctor Donna had seen prior to us told her, “He wished he could help me, as many patients have neuropathy - but he couldn’t.”

When Donna first came to Dr. Moore, our tests showed 36% nerve damage in her feet. Her oxygen level was extremely low, she could not pass one of our balance tests and had diminished or absent reflexes. When asked what Donna’s biggest concern for the future was, she replied, “That this condition will spread further than the bottoms of my feet.”

After completing our treatment program, our tests showed her nerves have healed to only 3% damage now. Her oxygen level has improved and she was able to pass the balance test without difficulty. During her re-exam, Donna stated, “I used to never be able to wiggle my toes. Now, I wiggle them all the time.”
“To name a few of the unexpected improvements I have noticed since starting the program would be: I am able to be on my feet much more, less numbness or feeling ice cold, improved balance, doing daily chores, improved blood flow to my extremities, better sleep & more shopping!”

We asked Donna, “If you were to recommend Health Solutions Chiropractic & Neuropathy to your friends or family, what would you tell them?” Donna replied, “The improvement of your daily life, the courtesy, kindness & concern of Dr. Moore and his wonderful staff make it all worth it!”

Dr. Moore with patient Trinity W.


"I was experiencing numbness, tingling, sharp pains, crankiness, poor sleep & balance issues.”

Neuropathy was taking control over Trinity’s life, “I used to go kayaking every day and now was finding myself making excuses to stay home to stay off my feet.”


Trinity’s biggest fear was not being able to work & possibly, “losing my toes and feet.” At one point a doctor prescribed six Gabapentin per day for the pain. Now she only takes a few per month!

When Trinity first came to see us, she had 56% nerve damage. After 3 months into our program, she has improved to 13%! Trinity was 100% committed to regaining her life. She did all her treatments at home and at the clinic and even made a BIG lifestyle change and went from smoking ½ a pack of cigarettes down to only smoking 2 per day.

“After working with Dr. Moore, I am able to stand on my feet for longer than 4 hours and I am able to work more hours & days in a row! My hands and feet are warm to the touch. My crankiness & irritability from the pain have improved by 80%. I am able to sleep a full night and I’m not in pain right away in the morning.”

The best advice Trinity could give a person who is thinking about starting a neuropathy treatment plan is, “To listen to what they say and stay on top of the treatment plan they give you. All of the staff at the office are friendly & nice. I truly believe Dr. Moore could help you!”

Dr. Moore with patient Mary H.


"I experienced burning & pain in the pads of my feet, for several years. I tried many things, like going to a pain clinic, having an MRI, receiving injections in my back & taking Gabapentin for the pain."


"It began affecting me every day. When your feet hurt, it affects every activity in your life. I was concerned that the neuropathy was getting so bad that I would not be able to walk on my feet. After seeing Dr. Moore, I can now be on my feet pretty much all day, which I could not do before!

One unexpected improvement is that I have more energy, which is great! I can do more gardening & housework, which used to be a challenge. I have less pain in the daytime; I just feel like I have increased independence.”

When Mary first came to see us, she had 36%-40% nerve damage. After 1 year in our program, she is down to 7% in both legs.

“I would & will tell anyone to go to them & go in for a consultation & definitely try this! I truly believe Dr. Moore could help you!”

Dr. Moore with patient Cheryl H.


“I have had Chronic Lyme Disease for years & it left me with neuropathy in my hands & feet. The symptoms I experienced were electric-shock-type pain, numbness & burning."


"I’ve been dealing with these symptoms for about 30 years!

I sought help for Lyme for many years, with too many doctors to count. I tried the gamut of drugs for neuropathy with no relief but experienced many bad side effects. I finally found a doctor to treat the Lyme but still no relief for my neuropathy.

Time spent, on my feet, especially, was getting hard. Things like walking or standing were becoming unbearable.

My biggest fear was that: “The neuropathy is going to continue to worsen.”

During the first exam with us, tests showed Cheryl had 60% nerve damage in both of her feet. Now, 1 year later in our program, that number has reduced to under 20%. She was also able to pass a balancing test that she could not perform at the beginning of the year.

“Now, my ability to walk is much better! I have more sensation in my hands & feet. The numbness, burning, & shock pain has lessened quite a bit.

I would recommend Health Solutions Chiropractic & Neuropathy for neuropathy. The treatment that Dr. Moore recommended for me was intensive but has helped me & I believe, has been worth it. I had the treatment at home for a year & will continue with a maintenance program. The doctor & staff were also very caring & helpful.”

Dr. Moore with patient Arleen J


"Before seeing Dr. Moore, I had no full feeling in my feet & when I did, it felt like I was walking on rocks. I couldn’t bend my toes right. I also had no balance when my eyes were closed. It was just, off. Being unable to place a towel over my head to dry my hair was debilitating. Stepping in & out of the bathtub was scary. It was getting hard to walk, especially after I sprained my right ankle. I was favoring it & limping."


"I have been dealing with this since August of 2021. My biggest concern for my future was not being able to walk or keep my independence.

I decided to go to my main Dr. to see if they could help me. They referred me to a Neurologist, whom I have yet to see & no longer need to.”

When Arleen first came to see us, tests showed 60% nerve damage in both of her feet. Now, after 5 months on our program, that number has reduced to under 20%! She was unable to pass either one of our balancing tests, & now she passed both with ease. She also had a 14-degree difference in temperature between her arms when compared to her feet, now there’s only a 2-degree difference. Which indicates that her blood flow to her feet has greatly improved!

"Now, after seeing Dr. Moore & following my program, I can walk up & down the stairs. I’m getting in & out of the bathtub without the fear of falling. I’m also getting in & out of other things, like the car; I can finally start traveling again! I can dry my hair, & even flip my head over with my eyes shut & not fall over! I’m no longer limping from my ankle being sprained. A few unexpected improvements I’ve experienced is that I can now feel the temperature in my hands. It was hard to determine how hot & cold things were. I’m sleeping better, taking less medication to manage the pain & experience less pain in general. I have very much improved – I’m almost back to normal.

I would recommend Dr. Moore & I have already recommended Dr. to close friends. I give him an A+! I have seen my quality of life improve!”

Dr. Moore with patient Kurt M.


From Constant 10/10 Pain in His Feet to NO PAIN!
"Before coming to Health Solutions Chiropractic & Neuropathy, I experienced bad pain in my legs for about 2 years. My left foot & inner heel were killing me with this sharp pain. I felt cramps in my calves daily, making it hurt to walk."


"When I was done with work, I had to rest & get my feet up. There was no family time. I started taking 4,000 mg of Advil every day at breakfast to help with my 10-hour workdays on concrete.

I kept thinking; I want to be normal again.

I did see other doctors, who either told me I would need a knee replacement for my left knee or just deal with it day after day.

I truly thought I would end up in a wheelchair.”

When Mr. Moran first came to see us, he mentioned, “The pain was constant, 10/10.” It interfered with daily activities, such as bending or walking. His other sensations included throbbing/stabbing/aching pains, cramping, swelling, & cold hands & feet.
Now, he has 0/10 pain & left foot improvement, no tenderness inside of his left heel, better balance, less pain in the morning & nighttime, improved sleep, increased independence, more color in feet, less swelling & so much more! “None of my symptoms still exist.”

“Since seeing Dr. Moore, I am now doing everything that I could do when I was younger. Including family time, sports, hunting, & going for long walks. He also unexpectedly helped my knees & lower back improve.
I have seen my quality of life improve. I am happy with my results!”

“Look at me now, it will say it all.”

Dr. Moore with patient Erica P.


"I am a unique patient. For the last 10 plus years, I sought help from countless doctors, neurologists, rheumatologists, and more. I spent time and time again crying and explaining my symptoms. I was denied a diagnosis because I didn’t fit the criteria."


"Neuropathy affected my day-to-day life, being a mom, wife, and teacher. I was unable to clean my house, mop, and sweep, and was always exhausted. I found myself bedridden. I no longer was able to shop at Target because my legs would go numb.

My biggest concern for the future was not being present as a wife and parent because I was always in bed.

I found Dr. Moore one day Googling. I went back and forth. Finally, I called and made an appointment. When I arrived, Ashley was very welcoming and reassured me she would be with me every step of the way. She hasn’t let me down yet. Dr. Moore listened to every detail, he even asked me more questions. He listened! He confirmed what I had been saying for the last 10 years, At 30 years old, I have Peripheral Neuropathy.

Dr. Moore assured me he would help me see changes. I have! Before, I had no feeling in my hands or feet. Progressively, I am now seeing changes in my hands and feet. I am starting to experience feelings in my feet and hands. Although I have hard days, Dr. Moore & Ashley reassure me to not give up. If I didn’t have them in my corner, I would have given up already.

Now I am so much more present thanks to Dr. Moore. I have more energy & I am more present with my family with minimal pain. I am slowly becoming more active and trying to get out more. I now experience more good days than bad days. Thankfully, on my bad days, Dr. Moore reassures me & tells me it’s okay and to keep doing my therapy.

As I continue to go back for my appointments, I am still treated as a new patient. Ashley greets me with a smile on her face and is very professional! She is a pleasure to talk to. Dr. Moore listens to every complaint/concern every time I am in the office. This office is very welcoming and comforting. If you are considering bettering your health and life call Dr. Moore’s office, you will not be disappointed!”

Dr. Moore with patient Samantha


“I came to see Dr. Moore in late June 2021. I was experiencing constant & severe leg & foot pain (10/10), numbness, tingling, shock, shooting waves, pins & needles, hotness of feet, throbbing, & swelling. For me, balance & walking was very uncomfortable & painful."


"These symptoms started on Feb. 20th, 2020, after I was diagnosed with MS. I saw my neurologist, who told me there was nothing to help with neuropathy. So, I tried different medicines, prescriptions & even a chiropractor with no luck or relief.

Life was difficult, especially when I was alone. I had several bad falls, including one where I broke my ribs! Just getting from point A to B was a time-consuming & painful plan to execute, even safely! My biggest concern was my well-being & mental health.

I kept thinking, would I end up in a wheelchair or experience amputation?

The symptoms & their effects on one’s life are very intense. I worried about an even worse quality of life. My honest vision of my future was extreme pain forever.

After 6 months of therapy, I can pretty much do anything normally again, with a few exceptions & maybe more time. I have not used my cane since September of 2021 & still doing well! I honestly thought I’d maybe stay at the point I was at… I have gotten some feeling in my feet back. My balance is better!

I definitely would recommend & have already told my neurologist about this amazing treatment. I never expected to walk without help & now I put in an average of 15,000+ steps a day! I also did not think I’d work again but now I can, so my quality of life has excelled. I know I won’t be perfect again. But this experience certainly brought hope for the future & has helped me get back into a better mental health space.”

Dr. Moore with patient Peggy W.


“I have had neuropathy in my feet since September of 2018. I was going through chemotherapy for breast cancer but had to stop treatment because of neuropathy pain. Before finding Dr. Moore, I saw one Dr. for this issue. He prescribed Gabapentin, which affected my kidneys so I couldn’t take them. He then recommended I start physical therapy but when I got there was told, “You waited too long.” So, I started taking 3 Advil every night just to sleep better."


"It started interfering with walking or standing for any length of time. The first ten steps in the morning were the most painful & it felt like walking on broken glass. My balance was so bad I constantly stumbled over things. Soon it started to affect my hands, causing what I’m holding to slip.
My biggest concern for the future was ending up in a wheelchair. I didn’t want to end up where I couldn’t walk on my own."

After only 30 days on our program, Peggy says, “The burning, pain, pins & needles have improved 60-70% already. My feet feel warmer too. I can now be on my feet for long periods of time with less pain.”

​​​​​​​“I would recommend Dr. Moore & his office. They’ve helped me improve greatly but you have to put in the work to get the results. If you’re having any troubles with neuropathy – it’s worth a try.”

Dr. Moore with patient Kristen K.


“When I came to Dr. Moore, I was experiencing numbness in my feet & was having significant balance issues. I would have occasional falls. A few months before my visit, I sprained my ankle tripping over a slight incline in the floor. Even with shuffling my feet along the floor & not picking them up, this still happened. It felt like my body was not communicating with my legs & feet, almost as if I were walking with prosthetics."


"I experienced intense pain in my heels when walking later in the day. It felt like I was walking on coarse lava rock. The pain often stopped me from doing activities. The couch or chair became my final destination for the day. I’m only 42!

For years, my feet have always been cold with very poor circulation, meaning I always wear socks. The one night I didn’t, I bumped my husband’s leg in the night & I couldn’t tell if he was warm or cold to the touch. That seriously freaked me out! I also couldn’t feel if the floor was cold or hot. Once, while working on a project, I didn’t realize that I had a screw in the bottom of my foot until I heard the scraping sound across our tile floor!

I had seen two other chiropractors before coming to Dr. Moore. The first one spent less than 5 minutes each visit with me & I had to take time off work to travel over an hour to Williston ND. The other charged too much & I had to submit my insurance claims. If I did experience any improvement, it was short-lived. To manage my symptoms, I would use OTC meds & continue on my search for the most comfortable shoes. Admittedly, I also all but stopped being active. I used to walk during my lunch hour & do yoga. I got tired of tripping; the bruising & I could no longer balance for various yoga poses. I just knew I couldn’t continue living like this. With all of this – I was just too stubborn to admit I needed a different opinion & to see a professional in this realm.

My biggest concern for the future is my fear of immobility. I want to get back to the activities that I once enjoyed. I also do not want to be dependent on prescription medications. I want to treat the problem, not mask it. A co-worker gave me a flyer for a first-time consult visit & 16-point exam with Dr. Moore. I saw the list of conditions & asked myself, “What could it hurt?”

After only 30 days on our program, Kristin says, “I have noticed several changes. The swelling & color in my feet & legs has improved considerably. I am positive that the combination of everything is making me stronger. One unexpected improvement would be that my heel pain has decreased significantly from therapy. Even my hair & nails are growing & stronger! My nerves are undeniably regenerating.”

“I would absolutely recommend Health Solutions Chiropractic & Neuropathy to my friends & family. I want to stop the progression of neuropathy & get to a place of improvement. You will not see me progress past Stage 3 Peripheral Neuropathy! I want to be able to continue to work & be self-sufficient. If you feel the same – Dr. Moore & his team are for you!”