Neuropathy Testimonials

Chiropractor Williston ND Jason Moore And Kristin K. Testimonial

Kristin K.

“When I came to Dr. Moore, I was experiencing numbness in my feet & was having significant balance issues. I would have occasional falls. A few months before my visit, I sprained my ankle tripping over a slight incline in the floor. Even with shuffling my feet along the floor & not picking them up, this still happened. It felt like my body was not communicating with my legs & feet, almost as if I were walking with prosthetics."

"I experienced intense pain in my heels when walking later in the day. It felt like I was walking on coarse lava rock. The pain often stopped me from doing activities. The couch or chair became my final destination for the day. I’m only 42!

For years, my feet have always been cold with very poor circulation, meaning I always wear socks. The one night I didn’t, I bumped my husband’s leg in the night & I couldn’t tell if he was warm or cold to the touch. That seriously freaked me out! I also couldn’t feel if the floor was cold or hot. Once, while working on a project, I didn’t realize that I had a screw in the bottom of my foot until I heard the scraping sound across our tile floor!

I had seen two other chiropractors before coming to Dr. Moore. The first one spent less than 5 minutes each visit with me & I had to take time off work to travel over an hour to Williston. The other charged too much & I had to submit my insurance claims. If I did experience any improvement, it was short-lived. To manage my symptoms, I would use OTC meds & continue on my search for the most comfortable shoes. Admittedly, I also all but stopped being active. I used to walk during my lunch hour & do yoga. I got tired of tripping; the bruising & I could no longer balance for various yoga poses. I just knew I couldn’t continue living like this. With all of this – I was just too stubborn to admit I needed a different opinion & to see a professional in this realm.

My biggest concern for the future is my fear of immobility. I want to get back to the activities that I once enjoyed. I also do not want to be dependent on prescription medications. I want to treat the problem, not mask it. A co-worker gave me a flyer for a first-time consult visit & 16-point exam with Dr. Moore. I saw the list of conditions & asked myself, “What could it hurt?”

After only 30 days on our program, Kristin says, “I have noticed several changes. The swelling & color in my feet & legs have improved considerably. I am positive that the combination of everything is making me stronger. Some unexpected improvements would be that my heel pain has decreased significantly from therapy. Even my hair & nails are growing & stronger! My nerves are undeniably regenerating.”

“I would absolutely recommend Health Solutions to my friends & family. I want to stop the progression of neuropathy & get to a place of improvement. You will not see me progress past Stage 3 Peripheral Neuropathy! I want to be able to continue to work & be self-sufficient. If you feel the same – Dr. Moore & his team are for you!”

Chiropractor Williston ND Jason Moore and Curtis Skip A

Skip A.

“I started chemotherapy for cancer about a year ago. After the first treatment, I noticed tingling in my hands & then numbness in my feet. Eventually, it started to feel like someone was squeezing my toes together or like I was walking on blocks of wood. I had trouble feeling the pedals in my car.”

"I couldn’t walk without watching my feet, mostly on uneven ground like on the farm or out hunting. I especially enjoy mechanical work, but that became difficult when my hands couldn’t feel the small parts. My hands got so bad that I had to use both to lift my glass of water!

In May of 2021, I heard about Dr. Moore. Now, I can feel the pedals in my car. I was able to go hunting this year & got an elk. My balance is much better & it’s easier for me to walk around the farm & work."

After 5 months on our neuropathy treatment program, tests show that Mr. Anderson’s nerves have healed & show 75% improvement. "One unexpected benefit, the pain in my knees & ankles has improved 40 – 50%."

Chiropractor Williston ND Jason Moore and Robert A

Robert A.

“I had no feeling in my feet. I experienced a lot of pain, electric shocks/pins & needles. This had been going on now for probably about a year. I had seen 2 other doctors for this issue.

Because of this, I couldn’t do much exercise or walking. My biggest fear if this didn’t get any better was that I would be in a wheelchair. Being unable to drive or falling in church was starting to become a concern also.”

4 weeks into our treatment program, he says, “Now, I can walk easier. It’s just going really good, as far as I’m concerned, with how quickly I am responding.

I would recommend Dr. Moore! The staff is very professional & I appreciate the phone calls every once in a while.”

Chiropractor Williston ND Jason Moore and Kurt F

Kurt F.

"I first noticed something was off when I had no feeling of any sort in my toes, ankles & calves. Anything from my calves down, there was no sensation. I could not even feel mosquitoes or flies biting at me, causing bloody sores on my ankles & feet. For 5 – 6 months now I have been suffering. I never saw any other doctors for this issue."

"You get used to not having any feeling in your legs & end up just dealing with it. I finally decided to see Dr. Moore in May 2021.

I was skeptical at first but, around the 90-day re-exam, I noticed my walking ability has improved. I’m still not feeling that I’m entirely there, but I understand that treatment is a process that takes time. My main thing is, I spend more time in the shop now working or building stuff I like.

What I’ve noticed is that my hair is starting to grow on my legs with treatment. From my knee down, I didn’t have any hair, but now it’s like normal. The red-light therapy helps! Also, I can actually feel when mosquitoes are biting me on my legs!

Dr. Moore & this program is great, but you must do your treatments! If you skip your treatments, you’re going to lose all of the progress made.”

Chiropractor Williston ND Jason Moore and Patricia L

Patricia L.

“I had quite a bit of pain & tingling in my left foot starting back in 2019. I tried a Chiropractor, a pain doctor, a Physical Therapist, then eventually a Neurologist who diagnosed me with Neuropathy. He sent me home with several supplements & a cream that relieved it some, but it didn’t really stop."

"The only time the pain was better was when I was up & moving. I was mainly having a lack of sleep because of pain when I was lying in bed with the blankets on my foot. I took strong pain medications to help me sleep. Now, I sleep with no pain in my foot at all & I am more alert during the day. It’s wonderful to not have the pain! I started coming to Dr. Moore in April of 2021.

During the first appointment, he made me realize what can happen with Neuropathy if not treated, such as sores or losing a limb. Not even the Neurologist I saw mentioned this to me, just gave me pills. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Moore! He & his staff are very friendly & really care about you & your problems.”


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