Shoulder Patient Success Stories

Chiropractor Williston ND Jason Moore

"I was introduced to Dr. Moore because of my shoulders. I could not lift my arms without my shoulders going dead. I couldn’t even brush my own hair! My neck, lower back/hip pain was also persistent. I had been dealing with these issues for over 10 years..."

- Sydney O.

"...I had seen numerous doctors, had a shoulder scope, went to physical therapy, got cortisone shots, changed my diet, tons of medications & even more misdiagnoses.

I couldn’t hold the steering wheel while driving. Folding laundry was difficult - just trying to hold through the pain to finish. Sleeping was nearly impossible because of the pain.”

Sydney was referred to us by another doctor nearby. They were unsure what care they could provide for her & introduced us to her.

After 6 weeks of care, Sydney says, “After seeing Dr. Moore, I can now brush my hair without having to give my shoulders a rest. Sleeping has improved & it has helped overall so much!

If someone asked me about Dr. Moore, I would say that he & his staff truly look at the bigger picture, not just the area of concern. He helped me realize that my shoulders were hurting from an issue with my back. If I had to classify my improvement, I would say ‘excellent’!”

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Todd suffered from severe shoulder pain and loss
of movement for 5 years before coming in to see us.


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